▷ 1001+ tattoo ideas – unique body ornament

▷ 1001+ tattoo ideas – unique body ornament

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There's no question about it: Cat's royal majesty and feline beauty have inspired many an artist throughout history. And it is not just their physical appeal that has aroused the imagination of painters, sculptors, craftsmen, writers and musicians. The cats' unique nature, mysterious ways and sometimes odd features have also inspired novels, poems, caricatures and one of the longest programs on Broadway, among many other works. So it is safe to say that a gift with cat art will be the joy of all cat lovers.

But cat art is such a wide field that you really have to think about what kind of cat art you should give. And just choosing any cat art gift will not do. Some considerations to consider during the selection process include: The art form you want to give (ie painting, sculpture), the special technique you want to focus on (for example, watercolors versus pastels, if you give a painting), your friend's personal taste and, of course, a preset spending limit. (also called a budget).

These considerations will help you narrow down your selections and choose the perfect gift for your cat-loving friend. If you feel you need some ideas to inspire you in your search, here's some help. Below you will find six gift ideas for cat art, arranged from the most expensive to the cheapest.

1. Cat paintings. Many famous artists have painted cats over the centuries: From Leonardo Da Vinci and Titian to Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol. I guess they just loved the cat's beautiful shape and had to immortalize it on canvas. A cat inspired painting really makes an exquisite cat gift. Of course, some of these artworks come with a hefty price tag. But you can still find wonderful paintings at affordable prices.

2. Sculptures of cats. Someone once said that if you have a cat you do not need artwork. And that's true, I think. Still, cat-inspired sculptures can add another level of cat beauty to all places. Cats are among nature's most beautiful animals. And that beauty can be reproduced in sculptures. You can find statues for every place in your home: sophisticated sculptures for the living room, whimsical statues for the bedroom and beautiful pieces for the garden.

3. Art print showing cats. Can't you afford a nice painting? No problem, you can find a wide range of cat-inspired art prints. The best part is that you can find reproductions of famous works of art that describe cats, such as Edouard Manet's Woman with a cat (La Femme au chat, c. 1880-1882) and Francisco de Goya & # 39; s Don Manuel Osorio de Zuñiga (1787) has.

4. Cat-inspired photographs. I think all cats are photogenic. Most often, cats do not take fantastic pictures. You can find posters based on cat photographs of many different styles: black and white photographs, breeds, fun and whimsical, inspirational and more. If you prefer, you can take a picture of your cat-loving friend, place it in a nice frame and give it as a gift.

5. Cat posters. You can find many posters showing cats: black cats, playful kittens, cats per breed and more. I am sure you will find something that will please all cat lovers. And you can find posters at affordable prices.

6. Do it yourself. Are you creative and adventurous? If you are, make the gift yourself! Draw or paint cats. Or take a photograph. Or create a calendar. Thanks to user-friendly software and digital cameras you can make your own art and customize your gifts.


Cheap cat art. Give painted mugs or magnets that show cat-themed artwork. These gifts are beautiful and practical. And best of all, you can find them at attractive prices.

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