25 +> ▷ 1001 + ideas on how to draw a girl – tutorials and pictures

25 +> ▷ 1001 + ideas on how to draw a girl – tutorials and pictures

15+ ▷ 1001 + ideas on how to draw a girl – tutorials and pictures,

1 - Read, read, read

There is lots of literature on almost everything to do with art out there. Go to your local library and you will find many books on art. But where do you start? You do not want to start by reading about a very specific branch of art. Instead, find a book for beginners that is very broad and offers more a general overview of art without going into too much detail. You want a book that explains things clearly but is still informative and interesting. Also look online for books on art. If you are interested in practicing art, you will find many useful books and guides for beginners, as well as many for more advanced artists.

2 - Visit galleries

A great way to expand your knowledge of art is to visit art galleries. Most galleries show works of art with a brief overview of the work. Many galleries offer audio comments that are available through headsets or any other device you can borrow. Listening to the comments is much more useful and informative as they go into more detail about works and different genres and periods of art represented in the gallery. Visiting galleries gives you the opportunity to see all kinds of artwork - you never know what you might come across.

3 - Join an art club

Joining an art club can be great fun. It can also be really useful because you spend time with like-minded people who have something in common with you: a love of art. Even if you are a beginner, art clubs can be a great way to expand your art knowledge because you have a group of people right there. Everyone is different - talk to people about art and you will find yourself picking up many tips and hints. Don't worry about going if you don't know anything about art - unless the club specifically says it's for professionals, you will feel welcome. People love it when beginners come along because they are interested in art!

4 - Do an art course

Doing an art course offers a more academic approach to art. While art clubs tend to be more relaxed and less formal, art courses tend to be more focused and educational. You are likely to have lots of information thrown at you, no matter what type of art course you take, whether it is art history or, for example, practicing art. The great thing about art courses is that the emphasis is on learning. Men's courses also offer you the chance to study more in-depth arts.

5 - Learn by practicing

You can appreciate works of art by looking at them. However, you can only understand the creative process once you have created your own artwork. The only way to understand everything about a painting is that you have some painting experience yourself, for example. Practicing art gives you experience that you cannot get from reading. It gives you a much better understanding of what goes into creating a work of art.

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