40 Flower Pot Painting Ideas And Designs To Try

40 Flower Pot Painting Ideas And Designs To Try

40 Flower Pot Painting Ideas And Designs To Try

If you think you are on the creative side, designing your own tattoo is not a bad idea. First, this makes it unique and personal to you. Also, if you customize it with thought and planning, you will appreciate it even more when you see it tattooed on the body.

So where do you start designing your own tattoo? First of all, you need to identify what you want to accomplish with your tat. Want to express some of your personality? Maybe you can go with your zodiac glyph and combine it with other elements that are important to who you are as a person. Or maybe you want to spread a belief or philosophy in life that you know strongly about. Why not go for lettered tattoos and have your favorite quotes as the main text. Or if you want to celebrate the memory of a loved one's death, symbols such as angels, crosses and flowers would always fit. Once you can determine your purpose for getting a tattoo, it would be easier for you to narrow down your ideas.

The next step for you is to check out other tattoos. There are many resources available both offline and online. You can look at existing flash art or tattoo photos to come up with your own ideas. Check out ink magazines in the bookstore or library or on tattoo designs from Google and you will literally face lots of choices. It's not that you should copy their body art. You are only looking for inspiration and ideas that will help you come out with our own unique art.

Once you have completed what you want to be tattooed on you, it is best to consult the tattooist and ask for his feedback. Because he is the experienced one, he may be able to give you advice on what looks good or not or if the design you have created is appropriate. It is always good to ask the expert so that you will regret the tattoo later in your life.

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