An interesting pattern choice solution for grid patterns

An interesting pattern choice solution for grid patterns …

With as many distractions as work and home commitments, it can be difficult to have ideas at hand to always have a painting in the works. often the hardest part about creating new original art. I have learned many techniques from my writing efforts that can certainly be applied to the artist who wants to create the new original painting. Here are four blogging techniques that can fit into an artist's world.

1. Keep an art calendar.

I've had a list in my mind of the paintings I've always wanted to do. For some reason, some make it to the newspaper, others don't. Now the list has grown long. Just as with my blogging, I have created a worksheet for art ideas so for the days I want to paint, but don't know where to start. Just a few words can trigger the same emotions that created the idea in the first place. To really get motivated, I sometimes schedule these to make sure I get into the studio.

2. Keep your idea diary handy at all times.

As I learned when I wrote my first mystery, you never know when ideas will come up. The museum is difficult in that way. Some days she has nothing to say. Other days she talks. To make sure I never miss an idea, I always have my handy Moleskine to remove what Muse is saying. Do not please yourself and say you remember. It doesn't always work that way.

3. Create a photo reference file.

I often look at the reference photo section on and other photo reference sites like MorgueFile. Many times, that's all I need to pick up my brush. Other times, I lose a picture to keep for later, say when I'm in the mood to make a still life.

The reference images also serve another purpose. I like to keep reference images around for things that I can add to a painting like vegetables for a still life or a cow for a farm scene. When the ideas start to flow, I work best when I can quickly get the visual down.

4. Run an ongoing series.

Every time I travel, I take lots of photographs. I take notes. From this information I build a series of paintings or at least ideas. Often the area I & # 39; m traveling to give the ideas. Door County, Wisconsin is one such place. The abundance of small cottages and holiday homes gives so many ideas. I have done several gate paintings that I & # 39; will come back to now and then. This is a good cure for the days I long to travel to a favorite place.

Sometimes it helps to engage the left brain. While planning seems to go to the core of the spontaneity of art, you can take care of your thoughts and ideas that you always get a painting in the works.

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