Beginners learn to paint acrylic Aurora Borealis landscape

Beginners learn to paint acrylic Aurora Borealis landscape

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Whether you acknowledge it or not, one of the reasons we men first and foremost want tattooing is to be attractive to the ladies. We want to look cool but at the same time sexy and we believe that a fantastic piece of skin art can help us achieve this goal. However, the wrong design and execution can make us appear ocular and unattractive. It is therefore important to give your tat-journey careful planning and thoughts so that it will not regret in the end.

Animal instinct

There are different kinds of animals that symbolize traits and traits that men want all the time. These are qualities such as bravery, strength, speed and wisdom. The powerful feline animals such as tigers, leopards, lions and jaguars can create authoritative and commanding statements when reproduced as skin art. Birds like swallow, eagle and pigeon, on the other hand, can express flight, freedom and peace. The mythical dragon, the cunning snake and the terrible scorpion all have features such as fear and ferocity. Choose what quality you specifically want to come out so you can decide which animal symbol you want to go to.

Tribal Art

Tribal art would never lose its appeal because they are rooted in tribes from pre-industrial times where tattoos are part of their social and religious values. But rather than just going for random random art that you found on the web, this tattoo makes it as authentic and interesting as possible. You can do that by defining what kind of tribal art you would like to be colored on your body, perhaps something to do with your heritage. Will it be from the Maoris in New Zealand, the Sami from the Polynesians or maybe the Aztecs from Mexico? There are actually tattoos that specialize in this type of genre because they can be complicated and complicated to draw on the body.

Old School Appeal

Old school tattoos seem to be making a comeback these days, some people may not want to go as detailed or as complicated when it comes to their skin art. Moreover, these traditional tattoo pieces never seem to have lost their appeal because their message is clear and clear. Symbols such as skull, rose, cross, pin-up girl and heart are charming and beautiful as long as you work with a talented tattoo artist to perform these designs perfectly.

My advice to guys like me, cool and sexy tattoos is not hard to achieve, just be sincere and true to its meaning and the rest can follow.

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