Bullet Journal Monthly Cover, August Cover Sheet, Harry Potter Drawing …

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover, August Cover Sheet, Harry Potter Drawing …

Bullet Journal Monthly Cover, August Cover Sheet, Harry Potter Drawing. | N … – #AugustDeckblatt #BulletJournals #Deckblatt #des

Learning a martial arts style can help women defend themselves against sexual and physical abuse, cover-up, robbery, harassment and more. In order to protect themselves, it is important that women learn some martial arts style. This can help get them out of certain dangerous situations because martial arts can help them learn self-defense. When choosing a martial arts style you should choose one that suits your personality.


This is the oldest form of martial arts in the Orient. Among women, this is the most popular form of self-defense technique they choose to learn. It helps them build a strong personality and help improve the body's contours. This style does not involve the use of weapons but instead uses kicks and strikes. These kicks and strikes add to the pressure points and as you practice it will help you become more alert, both physically and mentally. It helps you watch for any evil intentions and progress, build eye and hand coordination and strengthen your body.

Muay Thai

This style is practiced by the Thai people and is known more by the popular kickboxing tray. It was taught to the soldiers as a self-defense technique to learn how to fight without weapons if they have to engage in the hand to fight the hand or have lost their weapons. In this style, it is about using as arms your feet, head, knees, fists and elbows and is considered to be the most deadly and powerful style practiced. This style benefits women in not only self-defense but it is good for toning the buttocks and legs. It helps in weight loss because of its great fitness workouts.


This is a style of Korean martial arts. That means "breaking or hitting your foot." In South Korea, it is the most popular martial arts style for women. It is a combination of philosophy, self-defense, sports, training and meditation. It helps women increase their natural physical strength because Taekwondo uses their entire body. It helps to strengthen a woman's hips, core and arms. It uses many kicks that can be quite harmful and helps a woman fight the strength of their attackers.

Jiu Jitsu

This is a Brazilian sport that helps a woman become physically aggressive and strong and is the perfect style of martial arts for those who are physically weak. This style teaches women ways to escape, hold, control and get away from their attackers who are generally stronger and bigger. It teaches women how to get away with fast movements if someone is on top of them by using principles of angles and leverage.

These are just some of the many different styles of martial arts.

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