Click to see the picture. Scan 65 – #Scan – #Image #the #dessin #Click #Scan

Click to see the picture. Scan 65 – #Scan – #Image #the #dessin #Click #Scan

Click to see the picture. Scan 65 – #Scan – #Image #the #dessin #Click #Scan

The chest is an ideal area for getting tattooed as it is an area that can be eye-catching and therefore discreet. It is safe to say that breast tattooing is more popular with men than with women. The male tat enthusiasts like them because they make their pectoral bigger and more interesting. It adds a certain kind of sex appeal and men definitely love them. Women, on the other hand, make them express their femininity and sexuality.

The breast tattoos for men would be best displayed in cases where they can take off their sweater like at a beach or pool party. Here are some ideas for designs for the male audience:

  • old school design like pin up girl, heart and skull
  • tribal and Celtic art
  • animals such as birds, dragon, panther and lion
  • lettering design
  • angels and other religious symbols

Breast tattoos for women on the other hand are more bent on girly design with symbolic meanings and feminine styles. Some examples of beautiful designs are:

  • flowers and vines
  • stars and heart
  • fairies and angels
  • butterflies and dragonfly
  • letters and script design

Before deciding to get this type of body art, make sure that the design is well thought out and at least meaningful to the wearer. This reduces the opportunity to regret being tattooed in the end. The chest is also a great area for ink, so there is plenty of room for creativity and imagination. In order to get the most out of the amazing artistry on this canvas, it is always best to consult your artist about the design you are thinking of. He can always give you advice on how to drive it properly and if it fits the place.

Breast tattoos for men and women can definitely create a bold statement either in a subtle or dramatic way depending on how it is tattooed. How it will come out is all in your hands so start searching for the perfect tattoo design for your chest.

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