Everything Happens For A Reason~~~

Everything Happens For A Reason~~~

Everything Happens For A Reason

Companies can question how an illustration service can be used in marketing literature or marketing campaigns and struggle to visualize the benefits of using an illustration in addition to, for example. stock photography.

One reason may be to differentiate yourself from the amount of other companies using stock photography - which has become very popular in recent years compared to, for example, the 1950s when the illustrations were extremely popular in comparison.

Most companies that use an illustration service do so because they need tailor-made illustrations that they can use in marketing campaigns, marketing literature, and often to complement and enhance their brand image.

Ways illustrations can be used in your business marketing;

1st Illustrated mascot design - either as part of a logo design or to simply complement a company's brand identity and provide a & # 39; face & # 39; by a company to reinforce brand messaging.

2nd To be used in marketing campaigns instead of photography to show a lifestyle image or to very accurately convey a concept related to the brand - concepts may not always be conveyed exactly when using & # 39; stock art & # 39; or & # 39; stock photography & # 39; forcing one to search for a design that almost matches your concept ... but & # 39; almost matches & # 39; may not be as effective in your marketing campaigns as a fully matched concept.

3rd Commissioning of an illustration service for diagrams and technical drawings; provides a more user-friendly environment and reduces customer confusion. This is when an illustration service is used to convey complex ideas or detailed processes and use illustrative design to simplify them.

Not every design agency can offer an in-house illustration service, and those who do it (including freelance illustrators) usually can't do so at competitive prices without holding onto copyright.

This is not & # 39; always the case (for example, we are very reasonable and always submit copyrights) and you should be careful not to acquire copyright as part of the provided illustrative service that prevents your future use of the artwork and does not guarantee your exclusive use of the illustrations (i.e. your competitor may use them one day too)

When commissioning an illustration service, the aim should always be to integrate your copyrighted illustrations into your marketing campaigns and make them earn their keep (return on investment).

These marketing campaigns can be on the web or in print as long as the illustrated service you have ordered creates designs that are customizable for both media. For a company, the best type of illustration is a vector illustration because it gives the business owner a commercial illustration that is completely flexible.

All aspects of a vector illustration can be easily changed after being completed at any time in the future and vector illustrations are fully scalable to all dimensions (such as business card or sign) without losing the quality of the image.

You can use a specially designed illustration in stationery, your website, flyers, brochures, postcards, exhibition screens and much more.

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