Highlighting homes (253 of 365) #blogaday

Highlighting homes (253 of 365) #blogaday

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She had been sitting by the stream behind the cabin for an hour or so, living her life. She said a little prayer and got up to pack and go home. The weekend was over. She looked up while standing and my god, there was a man from heaven, his parachute behind him did not work. He hit the trees, she heard branches crack and then he landed in the stream with his face down with a huge splash.

Then he slowly began to drive. She ran towards him and to her surprise he raised his head, coughed and started to reach the power bank. He was strong and pulled out of the water on the beach and he stood when she came to him. "Are you okay, what can I do?" He coughed while saying "Lady, I'm super okay. Five minutes ago I knew I was dead".

She said, "Without a doubt this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen or will ever see again. Come to the cabin and sort yourself. I have a cell phone I am sure you need right now. was certainly dead. "

She stopped packing while on the phone and was ready to go when he was done. She drove him to the small airfield nearby. They talked a little along the way and he went back to his life. She was disturbed by this episode of her life for a couple of weeks.

Of course, she had told her mother and people at work, plus it was in the local newspaper on the front page. Finally, she told her close friend at work. "Mary I'm worried and when I tell you why don't laugh at me.

Before that man almost fell out of the sky in my lap, I had just finished a prayer asking me to meet a nice man. "Mary looked surprised. Mary believed in characters and omens and of course she skipped this." My God, he was sent to you from heaven! "Mary went on and on so that night she called her mother. Her mother asked her father and her father asked the minister.

It was every considered opinion that Mary comes in contact with this man and is just up there telling him the story. Betty thought, "Good grief, how embarrassing is that?" She called the little airfield and asked Ron to say who she was so she could ask for his phone number. The man there said that Ron was wondering how to find her. He wanted to talk to her. Ron was waiting this afternoon, so Betty gave her cell number. When he called, he wanted to thank her by taking her to dinner if she was free to go. Mary waited until the third day to tell him about her prayer.

Love comes.

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