How to draw a turtle handwriting – #art #one #man # turtles …

How to draw a turtle handwriting – #art #one #man # turtles …

How to draw a turtle handwriting #art #an #man # turtle handwriting # like

As long as man has lived, he has observed the aesthetics and beauty of life. It seems that it is innate in us to create and change and this has been shown through the ages. Even the caveman recreated his vision and told a story through stone walls.

All art is a communication! The artist creates his vision through every artistic outlet such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design or film making etc.

That's all art we see! The natural landscape is a powerful tool that artists have used all the time. We seem to want to recreate what we are looking at and at the same time change it to add our own nuances and character to it.

Art is not limited to drawing, painting, sculpture, etc. There are the living visual arts such as the precise design of the Bonsai tree or creating the next beautiful hybrid rose. We started with the incredibly beautiful vintage rose and now we have literally hundreds of different types of roses in different sizes, colors and scents.

Dance, figure skating, gymnastics, ballet and even acting are also considered visual art forms.

You basically take something that has been done before, or a life, and make it new by changing or adding your own character to the work. That's all fantasy is!

Only in the 20th century have we created new art forms such as art nouveau, pop art, ethnic art to name a few. The subject matter is so large that it literally has no ceiling for creativity and that is what makes this subject so incredibly interesting.

As long as man exists, we will find a way to create new and interesting things to look at. It is in our nature to do it!

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