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Ideas for drawing – hipster drawing ideas tumblr – search

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While I am not a certified art therapist. As an artist and someone who has dealt with severe night terrors for a decade, I have found some great ways to treat all of this to normal condition, while nurturing a valuable skill / hobby and giving you the opportunity to take control and make a positive change.

Many things can trigger night terrors. Offending gender equality, family and romantic relationships. War and war memories, horrible accidents and crimes. The list may seem like it goes on forever and so the night may frighten themselves.

1. These intense dreams are often real to the senses, especially the vivid images.
With practice, you can recognize when this is happening and help you use your mind to focus. This helps you maintain control over the nightmare and develop a great way to stimulate visual communication skills that are important for creating ideas / concepts in your art that can be used to communicate your emotions accurately and beautifully.

2. The next step is to make sure you are comfortable not only while you sleep but also when you create. To do this, make sure you have time to immerse yourself in a creative atmosphere. If you feel comfortable doing so, write your dreams to help visualize. Listening to music you enjoy can be helpful. Just don't let it overwhelm your own thoughts and feelings. Meditation and relaxation techniques can help you stay home with visualization as well.

3. While it is important to experiment with different materials, it is also important to use the ones you enjoy working with. You will have an easier time expressing yourself if you feel at home and free. Don't worry about the artwork being perfect at first, it's about getting your problems on the page and out of you.

4. Visualization can be difficult for some people. Although the goal is to remember and express your feelings, it is important not to stress or upset yourself. If at any time you feel negative emotions taking control, take a step back and take a second to return to things to regain control of your visualizations.

5. Finally, I encourage people to be comfortable enough with themselves to be able to share the resulting work of art with those close to you family, therapists, close friends and so on. This opens you up in a way that verbalizing can't compare to especially if you feel nervous or shy.

Having had night terrors as a result of an extremely emotionally, psychologically and verbally abusive high school. I felt as if my night terrors were a terrible burden to never lift. But during and after I graduated with my BFA in 2009, I found that these dreams were an untapped source of inspiration.
These tips have not eliminated my night terrors but they have really made things easier for me to control, express and grow from what often seems like a curse. I use my own artwork as a kind of nightmare / dream time capsule.

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