Instagram post by @Art ._. Tutorials • February 3, 2018 at 10:27 UTC – #Art …

Instagram post by @Art ._. Tutorials • February 3, 2018 at 10:27 UTC – #Art …

Instagram post by @Art ._. Tutorials • February 3, 2018 at 10:27 UTC – #Art #draw #February #InstagramBeitrag #Tutorials

Do you have a daughter who loves horses? In that case, her room can already be filled with horse pictures, horse photos and her own horse art. But maybe you want to give her room a makeover and want some ideas for a horse-themed decor.

You can go from homemade low budget decoration to original horse art in this category, so first decide your budget and look around the prices in your area and then choose one of the ideas below.

Low Budget - Collage
Ask for some outdated horse magazines from a friend, neighbor, your local stable or pony club, dentist's waiting room or wherever you can. Sometimes charity shops have a stack of magazines in a corner that they are almost willing to give away.

Let your daughter spend a few happy hours browsing the magazines and picking favorite horses ... probably all of them! Older girls will be able to create collage very effectively themselves, younger may need some help to cut and paste with good results. Use an A3 card as a base and then laminate the finished collages to preserve them.

Medium budget - Framed horse photography
Horse photography comes on a sliding scale from lots of poster prints to framed original horse photography. If you want posters, have them framed to give a more complete look. But if you go to the trouble of having something framed, why not go one step further and buy something original - a limited edition horse photography from a horse photographer It would make a really special, unique decor for your horse girl. Better yet, have her portraits taken on her favorite pony, or just a portrait of the pony herself, and have that image blown up and framed. You can order this to be done by a professional horse photographer to get the best possible shot of both girl and horse.

Generous budget - Horse art
If your daughters are anything like mine, they will & # 39; being completely wowed by an original horse painting. The only thing they ever draw for themselves is horses, and they may still struggle to get their legs long enough and their heads in proportion to the body. So a horse artist who portrays real horses in a lifelike and appealing way will leave them in full awe. And you will invest in art that also has lasting value - something your girls will love forever, even if their passion for horses fades as they grow.

When it comes to the rest of the decor in the bedroom, once you have chosen the main focus for horse images, the rest is simple. Loop a couple of strong strings between two hooks on another wall to grab the large number of bows your daughter dreams of winning at shows. If she doesn't really go to shows, she makes some pretend bows for fun.

Maybe you can grab some real horseshoes and nail them on the walls, on each side of the bow strings - open the side up for luck! Then all you need is a shelf for all her horse books, with room to hold future trophies and cups and the room is perfect.

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