NEW 6 Different Types of Lips Pencil Sketch

NEW 6 Different Types of Lips Pencil Sketch

As a creative artist, you obviously want to create perfect art. Otherwise, there is absolutely no point in even starting to create anything. Right?

Here are your five steps to creating flawless artwork:

1. Spend enough time choosing the right idea.

To create the perfect work of art, you must have a fantastic idea in the first place. If you do not have high quality ingredients, it is impossible to cook a meal. You need one of these ideas that may only come three or four times in your lifetime. So wait as long as it takes, yes, even if it is years, until that idea comes along. Then you spend a little more time thinking about whether it's good enough, or if you should keep on creating until one gets even better.

2. Make sure the conditions for creating are perfect.

So you have your big idea. You don't want to risk ruining it by trying to create something other than optimal conditions. There are many angles you need to cover, including making sure that you will not be disturbed and that your creative space is organized in exactly the right way, to the last pen and brush. Also check the weather conditions, the location of the furniture throughout the house and the orientation of at least seven different planets. All important if you want the perfect art.

3. Clear a time block of at least four hours.

I am sure that you do not have to remind yourself that there is no way you can think about creating something unless you have a large undisturbed block of time set aside without absolute interruption. You are an artist, how can you possibly be expected to create your perfect art in other conditions? Although it is not possible to have such a period of time until a few months, hold on until then and do not create anything in the meantime. It's worth it.

4. If you make a mistake, start over.

Mistakes should be thrown and seen as something almost sinful. If you are a real artist you should not make any mistakes. If you happen to see a creep in, however small, you must abandon the entire project immediately, so that you do not potentially contaminate yourself as the creator of perfect art. If you make more than one or two mistakes in a month, you may want to consider being a full-time artist.

5. Do not stop editing until it is perfect in every detail.

So you've come this far and your perfect art project is nearing completion. Ah, but this is the most crucial time. You should spend at least ten times as much time on completing the last 5% of the project as you did on the first 95%, because it must be perfect, remember? Tweak, edit and adjust every last detail over and over until your artwork is perfect in every way. An unfinished project that just needs a little more adjustment is better than a completed project that is not perfectly perfect!

Follow these five steps to ensure that you just create absolutely perfect art, and only then can you really call yourself a real artist.

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