One of my favorite paintings I hope you like: D Design available for tattoo …

One of my favorite paintings I hope you like: D Design available for tattoo …

One of my favorite paintings I hope you like: D Design available for tattoo, LIKE & SHARE :] #intenzepride

Networking is such an exceptional tool for creating relationships, developing your career and academics, and developing your business. One of the many ways to succeed with networks is to have strong and effective communication skills. Equally verbal and non-verbal, knowledgeable networkers can pass on their personal brand, share their passion and show good business ethics. A unique component of this type of communication is stories. Being able to get involved and get in touch with their counterpart can provide many useful benefits.

Listed below are ways in which individuals and organizations can market and raise awareness of their initiatives.

Set the scene

When you share a story or interaction with someone, set the story background. Talk about information that is relevant to them to understand and understand the story. Spark their interest and curiosity to promote engagement. Highlight key factors that relate to your career, profession, business, academics etc. Be clear and concise while you are creative.

Make the connection

Don't tell a story just to tell a story. Have a purpose, meaning or lesson that reflects the story. Be sure to have an overview in mind and a method for explaining details and other important aspects that can be memorable. Make links, comparisons and other correlations so that your story adds value and relevance. Be sure to tie it into your passion, efforts, future goals, etc.

Open discussion

Once you have shared your story, give room to foster further dialogue and conversation. Involve your counterpart with feedback, questions or another story. Enhance interaction by reinforcing morals, lessons, or actions in the story and how they apply to business, academic or life in general.

Use these dynamic tips to build quality relationships and grow your personal or professional brand. Utilize this form of communication to market, explain and raise awareness of your networking initiatives or build quality networks.

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