Polaroid like this … LOVE how the palm extends beyond the borders

Polaroid like this … LOVE how the palm extends beyond the borders

Polaroid like this … LOVE how the palm tree extends beyond the borders! – # #this #stretch #limit #outside

Art is structured as a language. It is at the same time a conscious and deliberate mental activity and a more irrational, unconscious form of expression. Art can bring about a feeling of sudden excitement and liberation and also contain a lot of intellectual and emotional reactions. Art has the power to awaken emotions and the power to shock, confuse, reject and enlighten. The language has very similar characteristics. Language is a tool we use to communicate with each other and to express our feelings and thoughts. Through the art language we can also communicate and elicit answers within the viewer.

Does artistic meaning lie beyond what is said and therefore cannot be captured in language or does the form of art function as a determinant if its expressive or emotional content is outside the language?

The identity and identity of the art is explored. If an object is created in the imagination; does it rest on a theory of linguistic expression? When we use language, it works to communicate cognitive meaning and art functions to communicate emotional meaning.

Are deaf visual artists structured as a language? Language is not only oral, it can also be sign language and symbols. For a deaf person, symbols and sign language give meaning and mental form from which he relies to create his art.

Ideas can be works of art; they are in a mental development chain that can find some form. Ideas are based on language, so through language and symbols we can create art. Conceptual art is based on ideas; it is made to engage the viewer with the viewer rather than his eye or emotion.
The more you study this subject the more you realize that you cannot distinguish art from language. Art is language and language is art.

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