Portrait sketch~ I swear, one day ama learn how to draw hands – #ama #Day #Draw …

Portrait sketch~ I swear, one day ama learn how to draw hands – #ama #Day #Draw …

Portrait sketch~ I swear, one day ama learn how to draw hands – #ama #Day #Draw #Hands #Learn

There are several good and relevant qualities or qualities that a high school student who studied the Visual Art program is expected to cultivate. Some of these properties are discussed below.

1. Resources:
A resourceful person can make full use of the resources available in his environment to achieve greater things. Through the visual arts program, the student is trained in how to rely on available art tools, materials and equipment in their environment to produce creative and useful products. They learn to understand the need to be self-sufficient. Even when resources are scarce, they try to rely on the few that are available for the production of artifacts that meet the needs of society.

2. Practically oriented:
The visual arts program is practically based and therefore helps students acquire the practical skills needed to solve most of the challenges facing the job market today. These hands-on activities also help to train the body and always keep it healthy.

3. Good Citizens:
The visual artist is trained to produce works of art for the benefit of his community and the nation at large. This helps the artist to exercise his civil rights and obligations, which makes him a good citizen.

4. Fantastic:
A visual art student is supposed to be very imaginative and able to generate a lot of new ideas from his environment from both animated and inanimate objects.

5. Observant:
In order for the artist to be able to depict drawings of landscapes as precisely as they are, he must be observant. He is expected to produce works of art to communicate his observations to the public. He should be aware of changes in his environment so that he can communicate them clearly in his works.

6. Manageable:
The need to manage personal resources in order to achieve optimal satisfaction in life can be met by acquiring practical skills in planning and organizing through art. By applying such skills to his personal resources, the student can better manage his resources.

7. Scientific and technical know-how:
The student is trained in how to apply scientific knowledge in life. This comes when the student works with tools, materials and processes. He applies basic scientific knowledge in their use, handling and care.

The teacher also applies technical knowledge in the production of his artifacts. This allows him to produce his objects at a faster rate and in mass quantities. Students get through how to use modern technical tools and machines for their artistic productions.

8. Peaceful:
Skills needed to build a healthy family and human relationships are reflected in art activities. Contrasting elements in design such as line, shape, structure, etc. are well organized in pleasant relationships. This enables the student to live in peace with people of different cultures.

9. Creative:
The student is expected to develop the ability to bring something new into existence. This can be acquired through the organization and exploration of art materials, tools and techniques to achieve different effects. In addition, creative thinking develops when the student participates in systematic problem-solving activities such as identifying, selecting, composing and analyzing ideas to create artifacts.

10. Social:
The student is expected to be friendly with people he / she interacts with in the community. This can be achieved if the student participates in leisure and leisure activities such as visiting art exhibitions, galleries, museums, national parks etc.

11. Estimate:
The student should appreciate the country's cultural heritage. This can be done by acquiring knowledge in art history, appreciation and criticism of artifacts. These activities help the pupil to understand the importance and usefulness of the art to better appreciate them.

12. Self-discipline:
Preliminary design and planning are given special importance in the visual arts program. This quality is very relevant as it helps artists to be truthful and always meet the deadlines for project and meeting execution.

13. Patience:
The need to be tolerant and long-suffering is emphasized in the visual arts program. Through a careful organization of art forms and precise performances of works of art, the student cultivates a waiting attitude or patience. This helps him cope with the stresses and strains of his life.

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