Trace insanely intelligent, simple and cool ideas to draw now

Trace insanely intelligent, simple and cool ideas to draw now

99 Insanely smart, simple and cool ideas to draw now, #cool #imagine # ideas #intelligent # Now

If you are having trouble getting started with your mixed media art or need some ideas on what to do next or simply want to try a new technique or material, here is an idea generating list to read through. You can use any combination of these ideas or put your own twist on them.

1. Watercolor. To create an interesting watercolor background, you can apply transparent colors on top of each other, so that the bottom colors can be seen through. A transparent watercolor effect can be achieved by mixing the paint with water before applying it to your surface.

2. Fabric cuts. Choose any fabric that has simple shapes or motifs. "Paint" around the edges with a mixture of white glue and water to prevent wrestling. Once the glue has dried, cut out your shape with scissors. You can use this to decorate greeting cards, wall art, art journal pages etc.

3. Background of aluminum foil, crumpled effect. For an interesting background, you can wrinkle a piece of foil and then smooth it out by hand and paint it with permanent markers, shoe polish or ink.

4. Aluminum foil, dimensional design. Another way foil can be used in your art is by drawing a simple design on cardboard and going over the drawing with a series of hot glue or sticky glue. When dry, cover the carton with foil and gently press around the glue lines (with a soft cloth or cotton swab) to reveal the design. Go over it with paint or shoe polish and wipe off any excess, which leaves color in the grooves and gives your design design.

5. Quilling shapes and patterns. You can create beautiful dimensional art with paper strips that are rolled, shaped and glued together. You can buy pre-cut paper strips or cut your own with a paper cutter or a craft knife.

6. Natural finds. Take a walk outside and pick up twigs, weeds, bark, small stones to use in your art. Make sure there are bugs or spiders before you bring them into the house.

7. Paper Doors. Paper animals are a cheap way to add texture and interest to your background. They can be painted, folded and used to create art.

There are no limits to the things you can do with mixed media art, but sometimes you can get stuck and can't think of anything to create. Use these ideas to get your creative juices flowing again.

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