Wave Painting Acrylic Painting Small Canvas Painting by wnktheshop – #Acrylic painter …

Wave Painting Acrylic Painting Small Canvas Painting by wnktheshop – #Acrylic painter …

Wave painting acrylic painting small canvas painting by wnktheshop – # acrylic painting # painting #small # canvas #painting

If you are a flower painter who is often frustrated and disappointed with your finished painting, you need to go back to the basics and learn how to draw. Maybe you already have good painting skills, but if you do not know the basic principles of careful observation and how to build form through tone, you are wasting valuable time - and probably talent too.

How to paint flowers - Best way to begin is botanical art

Learn how to paint flowers successfully by doing what I did. Learn how to draw. Botanical art is the best way I know how to become a capable and correct box.

I love botanical art. I run botanical courses and workshops and sell my flower prints around the world, but before I became a painter of flowers I first learned how to draw them.

The knowledge of precise drawing is crucial for botanical art, a magical and increasingly popular art form that I love to learn. Botanical art has its origins in scientific illustration, whose purpose is to impart knowledge. Before the photography came, the botanical illustrator was the camera's lens and recorded the natural world in all its astonishing beauty and complexity.

The basic principles for creating a credible 3D image on a 2D surface are exactly the same for both painting and drawing. For me, the only difference is what you hold in your hand - a brush or a pen.

Drawing and painting are like walking and running: one skill naturally follows from the other. After all, you learned to walk before you could run, didn't you? First learn how to draw and then continue to painting. And once you have mastered the painting skills, then go again if you want a more approximate, more impressionistic, more abstract style.

I think all painters should be able to draw competently and accurately - if they have to. Whether they choose it is another matter. Of course, this is a purely personal opinion, but in his defense I want you to call me a great painter who could not draw.

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