Would you like ????????????????????? It is very easy to do. #drawing #easy …

Would you like ????????????????????? It is very easy to do. #drawing #easy …

Would you like ????????????????????? It is very easy to do. #drawing #simply #it #is # like

When I was 16, my dream job was to work in the electronics industry, I loved electronics. But my career officer advised me that the best thing for me was to do art. Good! I always drew and in school I always had the first prize for my artwork, drawing was a natural way of living for me.

So with the advice of my teachers, parent and of course my career manager, I went to art school to study "Technical and Pictorial Illustrations" at an art college in Kent, England.

We would learn everything to do with art, from painting, sketches, technical illustration and perspectives.

Perspective, what is it? It was probably the beginning of a love affair that blossomed into one of the greatest loves of my life. It changed the whole way I thought about art and the world around me.

My main lecturer was a man named George Nicholson who was a master in perspective, and I loved this guy. He made me understand the perspective and the reasons for it. For someone who drew so much, I suddenly found myself starting over again.

At the end of the two-year intensive course, I was the only one who passed the degree with a total of 26 students.

Since that period, my work was such that perspective was not the main part of the work, but I lived and breathed perspective. Every drawing I looked at I would find fault with the perspective and how the artist approached it, but never said anything about what could I do about it!

All I ever wanted to do was show each artist how to draw with the help of perspectives to create the right image. Lets me be old enough to say it, but most artists are lazy when it comes to learning to create a real drawing that has an unparalleled sense of emotion and reality. Because they can draw it makes them unique!

I have seen so many portraits, landscapes and technical illustrations that are so poorly drawn that I began to lose the confidence of many artists in the media presented in.

But after over 30 years, I saw something that made me stand up and got angry, angry at what these people were doing to perspective that I wanted to do something about it. But what could I do? The people I was angry with were the most respected bunch of guys in the computer graphics world and I have worked with them over the years and had great respect for a group of individuals who devoted themselves to graphics on our computers.

They started a revolution, a transformation that changed our lives and gave us fonts and all kinds of things, with lists that would be too long to go in here, that I felt bad just thinking about the situation.

The company is Adobe. Anyone in computer graphics would have heard of these guys in any way. From Illustrator to Photo Shop, the list is endless. I own Adobe CS4 and love the fact that after all these years I still work with them because of this famous and famous company.

But when in the beginning of 2010 Illustrator CS5 came out, I was shocked, the idea of ​​upgrading was interrupted and my entire thoughts about Adobe were troubled. You see for the first time in over 25 years that the company had introduced perspective to Illustrator and it was a mess, but like me over the years, no one had said anything harmful!

Every post and article I read about Illustrator CS5, no one had noticed that it seems that perspective was not correct, scary perspective, junior class, but everyone guessed it and Adobe raised millions of dollars for nonchalance work. But still what could I do? What can I say?

I started researching and searching the Internet for answers, but still I found nothing of great value. I wrote to Adobe about my frustration over the mistakes I found in the perspective used in Illustrator CS5 and had no answer.

Then I found EzineArticles and started doing a search and still no one had any solid idea as it seems, about perspective. Nevertheless, the articles were fantastic and written with great skill but still no real value for perspective, people from all walks of life and with passion and wonderful writing skills. But so often the picture is painted with so much inaccuracy that I can't tell how I'm feeling. Take a look here and let's analyze this statement from someone who has received a BFA.

" To make things straight, in a perspective drawing, the viewer is assumed to be at a distance from the actual drawing. Therefore, the objects are not scaled correctly. A circle may appear oval, or a square may appear as a trapeze. Distortion, as mentioned above, is known as shortening ".

OK, let's look at the statement ...

1. The viewer is ALWAYS at a distance, this is not an assumption, it is a fact, and how often do we see an object that touches our eye!

2. In perspective, all objects are scaled correctly using measuring points.

3. The only reason why a circle is oval is when you see it at an angle, stand over a cup and it is a circle, move away and it becomes an ellipse, a circle in perspective.

4. A square located outside & # 39; the view shots & # 39; will appear as a & # 39; trapezoid & # 39; which would only be caused by creating perspectives wrong and therefore wrong!

5. None of these are & # 39; abbreviation & # 39;. Take a pen and hold it in front of your face, now lower the top of the pen toward your face about 45 degrees, the pen seems shorter in length and the perspective is applied, that is, shortening.

Erticles is where I start, I thought, releasing my frustration; tell people how I felt, so here I am.

Next thing, start putting together a website to learn perspective, a member site that I will strive to begin in the new year, 2011. Perspective is something that we ALL use every day but we ignore it because our brain does all the work for us ; But to put on paper or cloth, we lose the plot.

Too many article writers have made perspectives a complicated issue when not at all! The great thing about perspectives is that once you have learned perspectives you will see perspectives and the technical things will be stored in your head, the brain is where the perspective belongs and it will help you in all kinds of drawings, even photography.

I want to show perspective drawing from another perspective and I will do my utmost to put Adobe to shame until they correct the shortcomings of this amazing program call Illustrator.

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