Zusätzliche Lesebändchen nachrüsten + einfaches DIY

Zusätzliche Lesebändchen nachrüsten + einfaches DIY

It always feels so great and excited to try on different kinds of theme and design on our journal because it is the speciality of bullet journal: FLEXIBILITY! 😎 . And here is a September cover page with classic theme of succulents and a mix of geometric shapes. Tag your friends to have an imagination adventure together! 😍 . Double tap if you love journaling! 😍 Use #thepalepaper on your post and follow us to be featured! ✍️ . 📷: @explorejournali

Playful professional production

Burlesque is by definition a lampoon or satire, and in a production of Sweet Tooth Events, the subject of strip-tease falsifies. A production complete with artist-driven co-op set, costume design, make-up art, rehearsals, choreography and sound staff. It even has its own media photographers, who have exclusive rights to take photos during the exhibitions.

Burlesque art provides entertainment that moves the audience in the most extraordinary ways with bold flirtatious discoveries and stupidity built around the artist's chosen song. And you should see what they can do with a song - any song.


In my attempt to describe it, it's like watching your besties act cheekily on stage in the most unique artistic and creative ways as you cheer on them from the side. It's an event I can attend solo, because no matter where I sit, I'm surrounded by friends.

The gals and guys on stage will talk to me and I get to share friendly jokes with people at the next table, who sometimes end up on stage in a crowd. That is, with enough coaxing and cajoling from the rest of us.

synergistic Audience participation

Audience engagement strengthens the artist and the audience; It is a very interactive show where audience interaction is part of the action, be it woots, wahoos, wolf guns, wild jungle conversations or the sound of hands clapping and clapping with laughter.

The news behind Sweet Tooth Events is that audience participation does not end there, as they have more imaginative ways to engage both shy and brave. They have mildly suggestive competitions like Bosom Buddies Balloon Popping and Kinky Kitty with things like edible lingerie as prizes for the winners.

Need more theater Burlesque Therapy

Tell the world that they can forget about years of therapy and give them more of this kind of comic relief - they don't need any therapy at all. These shows are so incredibly fun, I learned new ways to laugh! I laughed all the way down to my toes so many times that I woke up feeling that I had undergone a great spiritual cleansing.

I can't explain how to impress this kind of show with someone who has never been, but if you have a bucket list, put this near the top. There were many incredible performances of glare and fun in this non-smoking bar room, and if you've never seen an adult man pretend to be a cat cat wash your face, you just have to see it too.

All Inclusive Body Beautiful

The beauty of burlesque is that it celebrates the perfection of the human body for everyone. It offers emancipation rather than emaciation and polishing rather than porn as its beauty standards, regardless of gender, age, size or body type.

This evening they had a targeted segment called "Stop Body Shaming". It was a PR photo where nine individuals posed in lingerie or bikini and each had a letter with the word B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L painted on his stomach. Then the audience appreciated each one for their beautiful body despite their "perceived flaws".

Without a doubt, this persecution of beautiful nine deserved a standing ovation - and they got it!

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