Ball gown is one of the clothes that you can wear on certain special occasions. Usually the ball gown reaches the ankle or touches the floor. In many cases, the ball gown fits tightly to the upper body and comes with a low neckline and blooms into a full skirt. While this type of outfit can be worn at some formal events, but you can also use it as a suit.

Different types of ball gowns

A-line – it starts to mount then flares in an A-line shape at the bottom. A good side with such clothes is that you do not need to have a slim figure so you can have a good time. One of the most important things is that the ball gown gives a slim impression, especially when you have large bottoms.

Formal ball gown – this is a type of traditional outfit and different fabrics are used to make this ball gown. And the fabrics used to make the dress are velvet, satin and silk. This ball gown is the cheapest among all ball gowns. This is only because the ball gown comes with elegant full skirt and it consists of expensive fabrics.

Empire waist dress – this type of ball gown is perfect for someone who has a big belly. The ball gown is designed to draw the waist by pulling the upper part of the dress towards the chest. In addition, the ball gown of this type will let the rest of the fabric fall smoothly on the floor and it just seems like a long skirt.