It's no secret now, is it, how special a wedding day is for a girl. Every girl wants every eye to be locked on her alone when she goes up altars, right? Obviously, your wedding dress is special and must be chosen carefully, but also a very contributing factor to achieving a perfect bridal look is your hair style on your big day. There is a wide variety of hairstyles to choose from, depending on the type of bridal look you choose and what complements your natural beauty. There are a number of looks to choose from – bohemian, elegant, elegant, glamorous, beach and sporty, the conventional romantic and innocent look or the traditional. There is a hairstyle for every type of look that suits your face structure and body type.

Buns are a wonderful alternative, and they go well with the mostly look you choose to wear, as they can be made in many different ways. A braided side bun, for example – the classic bridal hair style, or a high side bun for a royal look, a curved high bun – another classic bridal style, or whether it is a bohemian bun with hidden locks.

In addition to the conventional bun, there are many many styles you can go for – as there is a great trend of up-dos nowadays, which can be designed in many ways; Or you can go with an elegant wavy style, which gives you another option to add circles and make it look bohemian.