Men's hairstyles for medium hair are one of the popularly selected. It not only gives you an extremely sexy look but also that it is very versatile. It can be manipulated and shaped to your style according to the occasion or even relaxed. There is a great misconception that says to maintain medium haircuts with medium length, there is a large amount of maintenance that generally no one wants to put time and effort into. . This is the best part about medium haircuts, their versatility is what makes it worth it.


This is a hairstyle that is perfect for your purpose when you want to impress. Usually it gives off a good styling look with formal occasions, cocktail parties or even date nights. In general, you wear suits or tuxedos to enhance your charm. Apply just a few lumps of gel to the hair – just lightly done and then comb the hair all the way back. Take it behind your ears if there is a need for it. The basic purpose of this look is to keep you away from falling on your face. Run your fingers lightly over the hair in the same back direction so that the combed lines are a little smoother and more natural.

Free style

If your hair tends to bounce or is very wavy, there is another way to handle and design to turn on your sexy look. Dry your hair with a towel softly after applying some shampoo that focuses on controlling the freshness of your hair. Root it all with your hands and do it gently, so the drying process speeds up. Comb it to clean it to your liking. This will give a nice funky look and it is so simple at the same time.


For starters, one of these looks will make you popular on the fashion site of your workplace or the institutions you go to. It's the look that got pulled out in the Titanic and became popular after that, so it got its name after the movie itself. In this look you keep a longer fringe at the beginning of the forehead and with a small middle parting, your hair sections should be swept against each side. Then it gets shorter as you go to the back hair sections. Some guys even get the deficit on the page until the upper section of their heads is a new trend even today.