Hairstyles for children have become expensive as handling them requires a lot of effort and is a big task in itself. Their hair grows really fast and sometimes needs haircuts. But if you do it right, you can do it yourself with ease as you both will be lucky enough. Grab your scissors and start from the neckline with being gentle as their scalp consists of soft tissues. Also start combing all the hair as gently as possible against the forehead. For further steps are the haircuts mentioned below.

Medium to long hair

Avoid using a wide tooth comb as thin tooth comb will only cause hair to become extinct and later lead to hair loss or thinning hair. Use this wide comb to divide the hair into sections – top and back. Divide the hair into two parts of the back to the top of the head. Now divide the top section of hair into two sections again. Secure all sections with clips and by cutting all sections upwards it just keeps from falling into the road. Now start trimming to your liking. If your hair has curls, try loosening it with your fingers and continue brushing your hair with your fingers. For special notice, do not forget that the hair with curls in it will be a little longer after it dries. Try not to cut more than a quarter of the thumb from the wet hair and use no tension, so when it dries, the hair style is not bad after all.

For short hair

Divide the hair with a wide tooth comb and secure the parts with the clips as much as needed. When you are done creating a top most section by using your wide tooth comb in a rectangle from temple to crown. Exclude parts from one ear to the other. When you cut your child's hair, you can try not to exaggerate a quarter of an inch everywhere but to make a quarter of a inch uniform everywhere. Hold the hair from the side between the index finger and the middle finger and cut along the fingers. Now repeat the same technique for the hair on the back. Hold it between the index finger and the middle finger so that the hair is cut evenly on all sides. In some areas, hair may or may not look longer in some places, which is explained by the curvature of the head or the curvature. This technique is used to help people lift the weight off the baby's heads.