The most admired brand in today's glamor world and a boon for Woman Fashion, Miss sixty jeans, came into the picture in the 90's. With its fantastic growth, it also carries an inspiring story. Miss sixty jeans heart-breaking story begins with the fashion store Energie, founded by Wichy Hasan in Rome in 1983 to provide new and used fashion cloths at that time.

As time goes on, Romanian store Energie had decided to open their own production of Men & # 39; s jeans in 1989. And then it came into the picture because of its original jeans, innovative mixing styles and cuts that inspired every youth to go after it. for its trendy and smart look,

From an unknown to a famous brand:

Then the idea of ​​being feminized took the company into the idea of ​​producing jeans for teenagers only and the Sixty group created. Officially, this brand has its name as a sixty group in 1991. In 1992, it received rapid attention from the crowd in the United States and presented itself as a well-known brand. The jeans in this brand, known as Miss Sixty jeans, became just viral among the teens for glamorous and trendy looks, which soon leads to an admired brand in women's fashion. In 2000, it decided to take another step and launched its own brand of shoes. They were only unstoppable since they launched eyewear and children's clothing in 2002 and 2004, respectively.