If you are a style conscious man you can buy Flannel Jacket. Usually this dress is worn to raise your sartorial game. It is stylish in style and flannel costume is the mark of modern clothing conscious man. This is a tailor made dress with percent wool and gives you a draping look. This dress is available in three parts together with other accessories. You can maintain the tradition without compromising the style. You can wear jacket or vest together with combination pants. The built-in vest gives your outfit a unique and sophisticated impression. You can pair this flannel jacket with black trousers together with grease knit silk tie to give an adventurous look. If you want to give a relaxed look, you can carefully design your dress with a combination of textures and patterns so that it can guarantee that you get that look.

Design of flannel jacket

This flannel jacket gives a smart look with tweeds and brown leather. When you make this flannel jacket with chinos it gives a look of traditional and modern. Matching and blending in texture can give a touch of authenticity. You should wear this dress with a patterned shirt and matching tie. Spring is in the air and women can try this flannel jacket. Big celebrities are also fond of this dress and we often think they wear this dress. This is also inspiring. When ordinary people see that the movie stars or models use this jacket, they also try to wear this dress so that they only feel for a few minutes that they are no less than these amazing people.