There are some styles that are never eternal style, French braided hairstyles are so. This style is performed from the past and still it continues rather it has become very well known. Young ladies do not like this style because they are elegant but relaxed. In this style you can change your hair by doing inside and out, can do up and down, can be rolled up and chewed and in the end you can do French braided hairstyles. It is versatile in coming up and can make them in different styles. If you are the owner of long hair, you can have French braid for a long time. How are these braids made? It is very easy to do. First you have to take a section from the top of the head and then divide the section into three threads. Start by crossing right over the middle and left over the middle. This is the basic type for making all braids.

Types of braids

If you are prone to having French hairstyles, you can try different braids. Basic Braids – Helps to achieve these braids easily. You are needed to pull your hair into a hard ponytail. You must split your ponytail into three strands. You hold two strands in the palm of your right hand and hold the 3 string in your left hand. You have to turn your right hand over the palm with your face down and in this way your right thread will come in the middle and the middle string goes in the right. In the same way you can try fish star braid, rope braid, Princess Ann braid, French rope braid etc.