Funky hairstyles for every woman are known as the emotional hairstyles that can mirror their wild side. Such hair styles exhibit innovation as well as boldness and also unconventional ones that radiate their fashion along with attitude. Popular and funky hairstyles are ultra-chic and they are modern too. Some of the fun and popular hairstyles for women are-

Pixie Cut – This hairstyle is quite popular and funky and can be designed in different ways. Short pixie will be treated with different colors which gives a great look.

Narrow curls – natural curls are quite fashionable and you can also get chic hairstyle by cutting the curls just above the shoulders. Dyeing the hair adds style to the curls and you should preferably choose some light colors to accentuate the haircuts.

Asymmetrical Bangs – one can make irregular bangs to create a freaky look, and one must try to avoid the hairstyle that is conventional to get the ultra-modern look.

Short shaggy – this type of hairstyle seems cool that shows different layers and is also suitable for small women.

Bob Curly Hairstyle – Bob Curly is seductive, fun and the wavy hairstyle gives glamorous impression on every crop. This hairstyle is also suitable for one who has disorganized hair.

Super short bob hair style – this type of hairstyle looks very beautiful and makes the woman's center of attraction at all times.

Blonde bob – this style is quite perfect for your hair to look thicker and is also suitable for women who have straight hair.