Men's fashion industry and grooming have surely reached new heights and there are many bold men who want to fall away from the usual mainstream look. Many men concentrate more on their own personal or individual style than following the trends. With these experimental or non-experimental upcoming haircuts, there are products and styles for the hair in many ways. The short back and sides of the men are also no exception to this theory. Previously, this hairstyle was combined with piercings and tattoos with loose or tangled hair. Now it's more organized and set rather than just the furry look unless you consciously choose a messy, rugged look.

Man bull

One of the most trendy and stylish hairstyle at the moment is man's bun, unless you do it the right way that completely destroys it. It provides a wide range of versatility with all the looks you want to achieve. Remove the sides and back the hair so that you are left with a top part that you can do anything. Gel it a bit and then comb it yourself to a pompadour top that gives it a kind of retro look. This also has countless number of options that you can train yourself and match your views as an overall change yourself.

Bangs or fringes

Men with big brows and sharp facial features such as strong jaw lines, prominent cheekbones and many more will most likely pull off this hairstyle extremely well than the generic male crowd. This hairstyle usually leaves the front section of your head in a swept way with your back and the side section is extremely short compared to your upper part. If you sometimes want to flatten your forehead you can attach your lashes or bangs and with a little short beard you would pull off an extremely elegant look, sir!

Pompadours, quiffs and undercuts

You want a dapper look with the voluminized essence of modernity added by default, in which case pompadours or quiffs or undercuts are your answer. For a pompadour is basically a hairstyle with the back and the sides cut with the front hair brushed up. In addition, this section should have a high volume. A twig is a pompadour but with the upper part so flat with the unique feature that it remains intact when the sides and back are cut – pattern as desired. For an undercut, you need short sides and long top hair. It is a strict aura that provides hairstyle that is not recommended for occasional occasions by fashion experts too.