Unhappy with your same old age hair style, want to look full of attitude, sexy look should you try to go for short hair. Since short hair provides a professional, easy to comb, adorable look and sexiest gesture for you, in short hair should you also choose the shag hairstyle as it makes you look younger than you are? And it applies to any age, color, shape or size of your face which makes it the best candidate for those who do not like to be old or who still want to look younger and sexy. Different types of shag are available as side magenta shag, Sweet Cinnamon, Shag wave, wine and fine, blonde etc.

In addition, shag hairstyles are easy to comb, easy to maintain and it looks different for hairs. We as a young generation, we are sometimes sloppy with our hair because of which the hair can be damaged but if you choose the shag hairstyle you will get a care-free style that requires minimal maintenance of the hair.

Shags usually include the layers, but the types of layers and how they are arranged depend on the length of the hair. Different varieties of shags are

Short shag: This is applied to short hair with different layers to give a uniform look

Medium Shag: for medium hair and requires smaller layers

Long Shags: too long hair and requires fewer layers to get a good look