Girls who are conscious of fashion or what their vision is, the most important ingredient in it is how your hairstyle is. Hair is one of the most important parts of fashion. A change in your hairstyle can completely change your overall look with the outfit you are currently wearing. Hairstyles are deceiving because they are glamorous in appearance and also easy to do, at least some of them are. Whether for a wedding ceremony or a meeting or even a party – can be a cocktail party, there are hairstyles if done properly fits the occasion perfectly while embracing yourself even more. Being creative and playing with hairstyles like alchemy is very important because it is how you decide which ones are right for you and which ones are not right for you. When you master the art of hair management, you will be surprised how it can only change the whole look you are trying to pull out. But to master this art, you have to understand and feel your hair, the core of it – the curls, the waves and the smoothness, everything.

Shell braid

To get to the final view of seashell braiding, you have to make the fish star in French way first. Begin with dry hair even if straight or wavy preferably done after your choice. Begin by combing again to remove all existing tangles and freshness. Then take all the hair and perform a French fish star which in simple words means to make a braid in a diagonal way. Now secure it with a hair tie at the end so that the braids do not come loose in the mess. Then place the ends of the hair in the left corner if you start from right to left diagonally and secure it with bobby pins as much as needed. To make sure your style is set, apply a little gloss spray at the end.

Donut buns

As a successful fashionist, it calls it exact, a mesh donut or donut buns. This is a hairstyle that falls into an updo category and also ensures that the elegance remains intact. Take all the hair and secure it in a ponytail with a monk hair tie first. Make sure your hair is dry and straight, although wavy hair would be good but it would only make it harder and messy. Now divide it into two sections – top and bottom. Insert the ends of the upper section of the nozzle and tie the ends of the lower part's hair into other parts of the nozzle. If you look at it from afar, the bun will look like a monk, which is why it is called a monk bun.