Looking beautiful at a wedding is always a bit of a hassle. Every person tends to look best. Just as you do not like to wear the same dresses for every wedding, why wear the same hairstyles? It is fun to exchange your curls if you meet a guest appearance at any wedding ceremony.

As a guest, your clothing style and hairstyles should definitely follow the theme of the wedding. Introduce some stylish wedding hairstyles for guests that make your presence visible on the spot:

Slim ponytail:

This ultra straight hairstyle is very chic for dark black curls. Try a loose, low straight ponytail this wedding season.

Tousled braids:

Mixed braids on one side are perfect for a dash. This gives you a messy yet hot look.

High wavy ponytail:

Long wavy locks as they turn into a high ponytail, put the world behind you. Design the few face frames to shape your look.

Twisted low bun:

Bun always stands for a wedding night. This twisted low bun gives you a nice look.

Top and bottom twist and pins:

This is a perfect solution for curly hair. Perform a straight line from straight to the bottom with twisted elegant French rolls. This is especially suitable for long curls.