With old gringo boots you can expect the highest quality shoes and that for beautifully handmade without compromise in comfort. What more do we ask for?
Within a six-month period, the market was found filled with prominent collection of vintage, original and retro-shaped boots. Within a short time, they were popular and widely accepted by major Western chains and stores across the country. The suppliers' excitement to bring these boots to their stores was no less than the public's eagerness to buy them. The USP for the old gringo boots was their exclusive styling, top quality and comfort.

In the next two years, ie in 2002, the demand for boots stimulated the need for a larger factory in Mexico. Manufacturers of the old gringo boots aim to provide their customers with the best quality that meets their demand. Their goal is to provide a stylish product along with comfort in their handmade shoes. They are designed in such a way that it bridges the gap between true fashion and Western style. Old Gringo boots embody that philosophy.

Even today, their collection offers plenty of new styles on the market. They have a wide collection of uniquely crafted boots for both men and women. The abundance in their collection contains more than 150 styles for women along with 600 unique color combinations and the men have a wide range of 40 styles in 100 different colors to choose from. Get the best stuff for you.