Dressing temporarily doesn't mean you can't look elegant. According to European tradition, the casual dress code insists on comfort and individuality. Casual clothes can be better characterized as casual, casual, unplanned and informal. Everyday clothes are usually made of materials such as cotton, sweater, denim, fleece, flannel and polyester. It contains a wide range of clothing, therefore it can be better defined by what is not part of casual wear-

A combination of jeans and t-shirt can best be described as "casual uniform". However, a newer hip-hop fashion has introduced a lot of stylish jewelry and cosmetics that can be combined with casual wear. In some contemporary fashion circles, men have even embraced sarongs and skirts of various types as casual attire.

Casual clothes in themselves can be of different types such as casual Friday clothes, urban street wear, geek chic style, slacker style, etc. Smart casuals can be unambiguously defined as neat but casual clothes. Fashion houses explain smart casuals as good taste and knowledge of your environment. Fresher colors, softer materials, casual and thought-provoking patterns define smart casuals. A totally relaxed look would be a trick for everyday outfits without looking sloppy. For a totally relaxed look, you can choose well-fitted banana costumes with fun colors like blue, pink and red. Corporate casuals, such as a combination of khaki pants, braided belts, polished flats, are another type of clothing that is welcomed and accepted today.