Sweater dresses are what make the arrival of winter special, especially for those in big cities. Talk about girls' consumer goods will be countless books; and that we haven't started in seasons yet. For those who assume the winters are dull; reconsider.

Hair necks are for moderate candidates and disorders are too daring. This does not mean that you cannot draw a line. You will be able to choose herds, a special knit around the upper half or maybe put on a wear shirt. If it is quite long, it stands as a staple diet and affects leggings, as long as you have the right pumps.

You can also choose flats if you are tall, but they come best with jeans and laces, not leggings. You can also check the dirty breeze with an additional cardigan, but confirm that you get the colors right (or wrong)!

A suave blue sweater dress that accentuates your sand glass figure can be a knockout when paired with a skinny white belt and matching clutches. You can also choose lighting fixture earrings, sensible rings and a brown-black clutch. It will be associated with all the pants of your choice (preferably tights) and ballet pumps or stilettos for shoes.

You can choose extensive sweater dresses if you can wear them. An obvious brooch in the middle and zilch visible down the wow. However, do not simply go with big sleeves: that's the point!

It should not exceed your upper thighs by all means and may look like covering your shorts or simply stomping your knee-length legs.