Being a bridesmaid is not just a happy occasion, it comes with a responsibility. When you stand behind the bride holding the basket, you know full well that everyone will be watching her, of course – why, it's her big day, isn't it. Well, how can you change that? How can you catch everyone's eye on the bride and be the center of attraction for the wedding? Obviously by looking better than the bride herself; Right? Obviously, you have to think, easier said than done, but seeing the best in a wedding is not impossible, if you wear the right hair style with the perfect dress you will be wearing. Here we have some of the best hairstyle for bridesmaid for you to look at and choose the one that suits your body type and face cut.

You can go with a vintage extra wavy up do, which never fails. Or you can pick up the curly – do with braided crown with floral decorations, giving you a beautiful, feminine look. Then there is the smooth fold-over chignon that can be decorated with a string guitar, and it gives you a very elegant look. Or, there's the old good loose and tucked away – in chignon, the ever-elegant bridesmaid hairstyle. There are several others, like – cascaded curls, woven braided bun, sides wrapped braided curls, a loose asymmetrical swoop with a floral alliteration, a waterfall braid, a half up with a rising braid and much more to discover.