Women who have medium hairs have many options for hairstyle that contain different looks. Adding curls or stroking your hair straight will change the look of the same hairstyles. By considering different hairstyles such as partially up do, everywhere, wavy and ponytails are the best options for your wonderful look.

Partly up – in this style, some of the hair within the crown will be pulled back like a ponytail. To provide a variation of this style, you can also leave some witty hair strands around your face and pinch them. Waves as well as looseness in this style help to create a formal and romantic look suitable for many occasions such as proms, weddings or graduation ceremonies.

Everywhere – a fairly popular style for medium hair because it is eye-catching and pulls out highlights mixed throughout the hair. Highlights will help brighten up your look. This hairstyle also helps a certain dimension in your overall look.

Ponytail up-to see the formal look of this type of hairstyle hair is pulled back in a form of ponytail. Nowadays women use this super light hairstyle for red carpet events. The ponytail can easily be worn at any time as formal or informal and it is so simple that it can be created by your own.

Everywhere wavy hairstyle that has many long layers is very suitable for wavy appearance. By applying curling cream, you can also add curling iron waves to see different looks.