Vintage aromas still spread across modern styles in every aspect. Especially in the hairstyle world, it is very influential to have vintage hairstyle. These short puffy, high roll, hive, wavy hairstyles make the crowd crazy these days.

Being a retro babe is a simple task after so many easy ways to do it.

Victory Rolls

Yes, with a nice name, this hairstyle is very stylish and attention-seeking. center parted hair strands clad and clamped with the back of the head giving you a neat and tidy hair. A fair one for your company or theme party.

Turn and roll

Interesting and easy to make vintage hairstyle is flip and roll. Secure your style with the hair band after brushing and make it a pony tail. Open your horse in the ponytail with the headband and roll the bottom of the hair into it and pinch. Done!

Bump and Roll

Usually worn with victory rolls this hairstyle is very popular from the vintage era. you just need to make your victory rolls and eventually turn one of your rollers in the back towards the head with the roll. and pinch with your hair and you are a vintage beauty.

Valley of dolls Bun

A higher side pony tail and clamping your side fin into your buns with paired together will give you a bun on the upper side of the head. and there you have your bun on your head. if you have enough long hair. release your bangs on your favorite page, it looks fantastic.