Want the backless dress and not sure which bra to wear? It is a dilemma that many girls find themselves in when they wear a wonderful backless dress or a beautiful backless choli. Here are some of the options for backless dress bras that you can consider.

There are many stick on bras and limbs available. These are usually worn with very low backless dresses. There are silicone stick sticks that can also be used on. For a protruding neckline, there is availability of U-plunge backless bras. These bras are recommended for small to medium sized busts.

This bra has an extra low back strap for those dresses with deep backs. This is the option for women with bigger breasts as it provides maximum support. It can be worn as a halter or a racing back.

Breast lift straps provide good support for small to medium bushes without having to wear a bra. Chest leaves provide more concealment than support. These are designed for dresses with a deep neckline and deep backs.

Use a bra strap holder to prevent the bra strap from slipping out or use a clip with clips for racer back dresses.

You can also wear a cage bra to look great when showing off your bra. So go and rock the backless dress girls !!